Our team

As the Associate Principal of the Academy I am immensely proud that we have a strong team of dedicated staff who are there to teach and support the pupils during their time with us.

Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Karen Burns: Executive Principal

Mrs Bev Oldham: Associate Principal/SEND/Assessment/Maths/PSHE & SRE/Safeguarding and DSL

Mrs Sullivan: EYFS Teacher/EYFS leader/DSL/Literacy

Teaching Staff:

Mrs Sullivan: EYFS Teacher/EYFS leader/DSL/Literacy/EAL

Mrs Kirkbride: Nursery Teacher/Lego Therapy/Interventions

Mrs Mayers: Reception Teacher/ICT/Music/RE

Miss Owen: Year 1 Teacher/ Humanities

Mr Hopwood: Year 2 Teacher/Science/PE

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Goodson: Teaching Assistant/Phonics/Values

Miss Boyle: Teaching Assistant/Art & DT/Home reading

Miss Flynn: Teaching Assistant/SEN/S&L support KS1

Ms Clare: Teaching Assistant/ASC Lead/Breakfast club/ASC

Mrs Buxton: Teaching Assistant


Mrs Buxton: Nursery

Mrs Parkinson: Year 1

Admin Staff:

Mrs Broughton: Administration Assistant/Attendance/Marketing

After School Club:

Mrs Clare: ASC Play Leader

Mrs Hodson: ASC Play Worker

Mrs Parkinson: ASC Play Worker

Midday Assistants:

Mrs Winston: Nursery

Mrs Metheringham: Reception

Mrs Clare:

Mrs McBain: Year 1

Ms Clare: Year 2

FM and Cleaning team:

Mr Woolley: Site Manager

Mr Evans: Caretaker

Ms Halliwell-Meachen: Cleaner

Mrs Penny: Cleaner

Catering team – Mellors Catering:

Mrs Rachel Lynch/Mrs Sharon Greenwood: Cook

Ms Halliwell-Meachen: Catering assistant

We will be recruiting new staff annually to join us each September to support the continued development of the Academy and our pupils moving through the school and we will keep this page updated.