Welcome to Mrs Mayers’ Reception Class. On here you can learn all about what is happening in Reception and see all of the exciting things we have been learning!

Reception Class Teacher: Mrs Mayers

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Teaching Assistants: Miss Boyle and Miss Flynn

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Reading books
Our class will change their reading book usually on a Monday or Tuesday. All the children will have a reading session with Mrs Mayers. This will be a book different to the books the children bring home. Reading books will only be changed if the reading record has been signed. Your comment could be about the key words they have been learning and/or the book they have been reading.

Library books will be changed usually on a Monday as long as the book to be returned is in your child’s book bag.

Our class is given homework on a Friday and this needs to be handed in on a Monday. Please keep the homework in the blue folders. Please write a comment in the box on the back of the homework letter to let us know how your child found the homework.

If you want to let us know about anything you think is special or important at home, please complete a ‘Discovered at Home’ sheet, so we can add them to your child’s learning journey.

Our class has P.E. on a Thursday Morning with the Sports Coach. This half term the children will also have an extra afternoon P.E. session with Mrs Mayers.


Summer Term 2

This half term our topic is ‘Pirates, Mermaids and Under the Sea.  During this topic there will be lots of science opportunities, we will be looking at materials that float and sink, the best materials to use in water and learning facts about sea creatures. There will be lots of creative opportunities to make ships, treasure chests, parrots and we will be thinking about how we can design our models before me make them as well as thinking about how we can improve them afterwards. There will be a focus on working together in teams to solve problems and challenges and we will be thinking about the feelings and behaviour of Pirates, Mermaids and sea creatures through stories we read and tell.


In our Literacy we will be looking at the stories ‘On a pirate ship,’ ‘Pirates love Underpants,’ and ‘The Night Pirates.’ We will be looking at the descriptive and narrative language used in these stories and writing our own descriptions. We will also be looking at instructions, linking this to clues to find treasure.


In our Maths work we are going to be doing lots of problem solving linked to all the Maths skills we have learnt over the year. We will be finding coins and putting them in order to check we have found them, solving problems linked to addition, subtraction, doubling and halving as well as problems linked to capacity, weight and distance. We will use our creative work to practise our shapes.


The children will have lots of exciting challenges to complete during their independent learning and we will be helping the children with their personal targets.

We will also be preparing the children for their move to Year 1 and during this half term. The children will spend time with their next teacher and in the Year 1 classroom.

There will be Sports Day as part of Sports week and our Reception Graduation as well as our final Dojo Treat day for children who have been awarded 100 Dojo Merits this term.