On here you can learn all about what is happening in Year 1 and see all of the exciting things we have been learning!

Teacher: Miss H Concanon

Email: hconcanon@victoriousacademies.org

Teaching Assistant: Miss N Goodson

Homework Letter – 11th May 2018

Homework Letter – 20th April 2018

Homework Letter – 15th June 2018

Homework letter – 22nd June 2018

Summer Term

Throughout the first summer half term we will be covering the following:
Place value – counting forwards and backwards to 100, reading and writing numbers in numerals and words as well as understanding the difference between tens and ones.
Identifying greater than and less than when comparing two numbers, using the language and introducing the symbols < and >.
Addition and Subtraction – This term we will be looking at ways we can add and subtract using other methods such as finding a pattern or using other counting skills i.e. 2’s, 5’s or 10’s.
Fractions – finding fractions of both shapes and numbers.
Capacity and Volume – exploring the different ways to measure, estimating amounts and reading and adding measurements.
We enjoy making our maths lessons fun and practical. We want our pupils to fulfil their potential and always try to include mastery and greater depth opportunities to challenge our math brains!

Throughout the first summer half term will be covering the following:.
Writing stories, learn how to plan an exciting story before writing it. We often use Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ to help us with our narrative work. Talk for Writing is based on the principles of how children learn. It enables them to imitate the language they need before writing their own version.
We will be focusing on the book – ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak using our imagination to really explore the characters, settings and deeper messages behind the story.
We challenge our pupils to use capital letters, spaces and full stops within every piece of written work. We often use our purple ‘fix it pens’ to improve and adapt our work. We use our cursive handwriting formation to ensure that our written work is neat and easy to read.

Throughout the first summer half term we will be covering the following:
We like to be hands on during science and make our lessons as fun and as practical as possible!
Throughout the first summer half term we will be covering the following:
the structure of plants and trees and what they need to grow well. We will engage in a variety of activities including identifying common plants and trees in the garden and in the wild, sorting deciduous and evergreen leaves.
crafting labelled plant collage pictures.
planting our own beans/plants and observing them closely over the coming weeks by measuring and recording its growth.

Throughout this first summer half term we will be covering the following:
Islamic faith – looking at their culture, beliefs and celebrations. Comparing their beliefs to other faiths and looking for similarities and differences.
We love to discuss the similarities between our own and others beliefs. We enjoy learning about other people and different religions and we are really good at identifying the main religious symbols!

The children will continue to learn new phonemes and graphemes daily and will apply their phonics knowledge to their reading and writing. Our pupils are currently split across 4 phonic groups to ensure that they are working at an appropriate pace.
Each year, the children in Year 1 sit a phonics screening check. This is a short test to confirm whether each child is able to decode to an appropriate standard. More information will follow regarding this in due course.

General Class Information
Reading books are changed once a week, once your child has read their book at home. Please ensure that you comment in their reading record once they have read to you.

Homework is sent out each Friday and we kindly ask that it is returned the following Wednesday. Children who continually return incomplete homework will miss their break time to complete the activity. We appreciate your continued support with this.

Targets are sent home every half term. Please work through these targets with your child.

Class spellings are sent out on a Tuesday.

1:1 spellings are sent out each Wednesday and we kindly ask that they are returned the following Wednesday.

1:1 basic number skills are sent home each Thursday and we kindly ask that they are returned the following Thursday.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can make an appointment via the office or alternatively speak to us after school or via our Twitter pages.