At Discovery Academy children are assessed every half term according to the National Curriculum objectives (see assessing pupil’s progress).

After this the children are set personalised targets based on any ‘gaps’ in their learning and understanding.

In EYFS the targets are set against the areas of learning that are assessed for a Good Level of Development (GLD). These are Personal, Social Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (CL), Physical Development (PD), Reading, Writing and Maths.

In KS1 and KS2 the targets are set on the core subjects and basic skills. These are PSED, speaking and listening (S & L), reading, writing, spelling, maths and times tables.

We ask that all parents discuss these with their children and support them their children achieve them through home learning opportunities.

An example of a target sheet:


The old target will be in the left hand box, the colour will identify if the child met their target which is explained in the key at the bottom of the target sheet and then the new target will be in the right hand box.

If you have any questions regarding the targets then please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.